Friday, May 6, 2016


Men fashion is even more complicated then women’s. Some men do not even pay attention to what they look like when leaving home. On the constant with this, some are too much concentrated on how they look, what they wear, how they look in girl’s eyes. There is one thing that all the boys should know. Girls do not pay attention to those guys who are too much concentrated on their looks, but the ones who look good, who care about their looks but are not ”girly like’’ obsessed with clothing. So here rises one question. What kind of sunglasses must men wear?


Bags are a highly demanded attribute in the whole fashion industry. However, they are definitely much more, then just a fashion accessories that will make your image and look full. Bags have enormous function in our daily reality. They help us carry our things, hind something from public, they function as a “walking shelve” or as a unique sort of transportation for both men and women. Thus, the bags are much more than just a peace of material and they must be highly appreciated.  There are different kind so bags, particularly shoulder bags, handbags, purses and others. However, again we have to emphasize that unfortunately men were as always in fashion industry were overlooked and the choice is not as wide as for women.  This being a twenty first century, luckily men can have bags or shoulder bags but let’s discuss the use of each one.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Born as Prince Roger Nelson on June 7th, 1958 in Minneapolis, Prince, as he was popularly known, breathed his last on April 21, 2016 at the age of 57. If reports are to go by, ‘The Artist formerly known as Prince’, succumbed to his constant illness.
The Life of Prince in a Snapshot
The legendary and innovative musician and actor, Prince, had a rather profound life. A famed singer, songwriter and musical composer, Prince also tried his hand at acting with the rock musical drama film, Purple Rain (1984). With albums such as 1999, Purple Rain and Sign O' the Times, he had become a global musical icon in the 1980s. Purple Rain also won him the Oscar in 1984 for his musical score to the movie.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Perfumes play a major and crucial role in image making process for both male and female. The idea of perfume came in France in middles ages, and was used to diminish the awfully bad smell that was spread all around France, because of not having good living conditions. Since then till now perfumes are being largely used by the whole population and are inseparable part of our lives. In this article we will represent the top perfumes for male, which help them to have their own individual smell according to their character and personal liking.

So the best perfume for men is known to be Acqua di Gio Giorgio Arman. It is a combination of salt sea water and sunny warm vibes. It expresses freedom, wind and water. Armani created it when being inspired by his vocation on seashore.

The second one is Bleu de Chanel which hit the market in 2001 and came in a better version in 2014. It is woody-aromatic composition. This fragrance symbolizes endless and boundless freedom.

Gucci Guilty Black Cologne by Gucci in third position. It is the best choice for young men, who like to draw the public attention. It came out in 2013 by Gucci, and has nice orange and cedar wood touches in it.   

Versace Man Eau Fraiche is one of the most popular perfumes and is known be one of the best out of the best ones. This one again is more appropriate to young men, especially younger than 35 and is often used to make a public opinion and to hold attention.

The last best perfume for men is of course 1 Million Paco Rabanne for men. It is a combination of fresh and sensual notes. It has always been used to attract people and still continues to. It was released in 2008 and is available in the amounts of 50 and 100 ml. 

So this was the list of most famous brands and their most popular perfumes. However not always the smell is good if the brand is a well-known one and publicly accepted. Do not pay attention to the brand, and to the cost, just try to find the perfume that will match you perfectly. The first criteria for choosing the perfume must be the smell. Of course it must smell nice. However the smell must correspond to your character, to you personality and must show and emphasize your individuality. The rightly chosen perfume can be like a magic and on contrast with this, if the perfumes does not smell nice, then it will bring to a disaster. So make sure you choose the right one and show your unique individuality through it.


We know that by saying “classy man” everyone imagines a confident man, with stylish haircut and more often in a luxury looking suit. However not all the suits look the ways we imagine they will, and that is the reason why not all the men succeed in having a classy look. Wearing suits can be of vital importance, as perfectly chosen suit put you on the spotlight of the opposite sex. Besides you may have a total success in meetings with colleges and in some serious conferences. So here we go explaining what are the key factors for men having the best classy look and making the best impression.
One of the most important aspects of wearing suits lies in ties.  Ties are worn even by women, and according to most of the women, ties play a major role in every real man’s wardrobe.  The idea of ties goes back to 1618, and was first used in Europe by Croatian mercenaries in French service. 

Classical ties are traditionally classifies into four types: 

The four-in-hand knot is probably the simplest method of tying. It is often regarded as a schoolboy tie, thanks to its style.
The Pratt knot, which was first used by Jerry Pratt, who was an employee of The US Chamber of Commerce, is a method of tying a tie around the neck, while the half-Windsor knot is a way of tying which produces a neat triangle. This version most probably can be regarded as the classiest one. The last type of tying is the Windsor knot and is used to make the tie symmetrical triangle knot.

No matter all these types and versions of ties, there is one look which is absolutely everyone’s favorite. That is the simple black suit, matched with pure white shirt and of course with half-Windsor dark red knot. The reason why this version enjoys so much love is that it is the classiest look a man could ever get. Be sure, that putting on the simple black suit, the white shirt, black leather shoes, black new brand hand watch, and most importantly the red tie, no woman can be indifferent towards you. Moreover, this version has been known as the most popular one among political leaders. Do you know why? Just because it is scientifically proven that this look has some impression making power.  That is the reason why most of the politicians have this look in their most responsible meetings. 
Therefore, your success in every sphere is one hundred percent guaranteed. However do not forget about your hairstyle, which also must be matching the total look you have got.
For last, you switch on your inner gentlemen mood, and go ahead! Conquer what you are there for in suit and in tie.

Friday, April 29, 2016


Armenia is often being called a museum under the open air, and Yerevan is often regarded as a pink city. The reason of it is that most of the buildings of Yerevan are made of the Armenian special stone, called tuf. Tuf is volcano stone, it has light colors such as pink, light pink, or creamy. So here is Armenia with its capital Yerevan. Yerevan is older than most of the modern countries, it is known to be older then Rome and it  has a unique culture, long and difficult history and  delicious cuisine. As mentioned above Armenia has a really old history and to able to open the door of it and take look at it, one firstly has to open the doors of Yerevan. Here is a list of a number of beautiful, mysterious old and new doors.  

Let’s start with old ones. This is a really old building of Yerevan, built especially in old Armenian traditional style. As you can see, the door is white, it has some nice vibes on it, so we can guess that this house belonged to a noble person.

This one looks more dates and in fact it is much older than the previous one.

This one is a really extraordinary door and reminds a little bit of Greece. The white walls, the narrow resembles Greece and Greek style. This door is on Saryan Street.

 This one is a building of Yerevan which stands out in its style in the whole of Yerevan. As you see it is mostly pink and gives a nice scene to this street, which is Nalbandyan. Here you are welcome to our little pink city, Yerevan.
As mentioned above Armenian nation represents one of the oldest civilizations in the world, sharing along history, old culture and having gone through many and many things throughout its history. At this point there is even an expression “Armenian eyes” which means eyes that have seen a lot. Unfortunately, not many people know about Armenia today, but Armenia was not as small in territory as it is now. Once it was a big kingdom alongside with Roman Empire. 
As Armenian geographically lies between Europe and Asia, all the powerful conquers have tried   to invade and to conquer Armenia, Muslims tried to make Armenians change their religion. Of course, some of them took the major part of Armenian lands, but they could not break Armenians. Today we still have Armenia, much smaller then It must have been but however, Armenia still exists.
Today it the 101 anniversary of the Armenian Genocide committed by the Turkish government. They have committed a horrendous slaughter against Armenians by killing 1.500000 Armenians in cold blood. Turkey does not even recognize the Armenian Genocide.  It is a crime, for which Turkey must be responsible for and the whole world must recognize Armenian genocide, because first of all the denial of Armenian genocide caused the other genocides, such as The Jews genocide.  Let’s refer to Hitler’s words “Does anyone remember the Armenian Genocide now? We can kill Jews, no one will care”.