>> Friday, June 25, 2010

2009:Pop superstar Michael jackson,50,died from cardiac arrest in Los Angeles,having ingested a powerful cocktail of sleeping drugs.

1630:The table fork was introduced into America from england.

1938:Gaelic scholar douglas hyde was inaugurated as the first president of the irish republic.

1991:Croatia and Slovenia declared independence, plunging the yugoslav federation into a violent breakup.

2009:Russia'Supreme court ordered a retrial for three men on charges related to the 2006 murder of journalist anna politkovskaya.




>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

               Lamborghini,a brand name that relates itself with youth and high-end fashion and style from italy,has for the first time launched an array of multimedia accessories for those who believe in up market taste and are brand and quality conscious.Right from notebook bags to camera holders to mobile phone and ipods covers,the products would be made available in major cities of india.The brand has carved a niche in the global fashion arena br stressing on values like creative spirit,passion for the design and for the technology.The products of the tonino lamborghini are synonymous with originality and luxury,appreciated worldwide for that typically italian spirit capable of rendering every item unique.

       With over 15,000 point of sales,the brand boasts of a worldwide distribution that is represented in all five continents,with a concentration in the major european metropolis and in the main asian capitals.India is the latest country to join the tonino lamborghini family.





>> Thursday, May 27, 2010

Internet Telephony or VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) is sometimes referred to as the technology of the future as it brings together all those possibilities that until a few years ago were considered as impossible.In this technology broadband internet connectivity switching and the fiber optic alternatives.This process holds great promise in providing higher efficiency and lower cost for communication for consumers.One interesting aspect of the technology is that,for the user,no large-scale infrastructure is required.Its all about combining the functionality of service with minimal software and hardware support.In VoIP,the standard internet connection is converted into a place to make phone calls.



>> Saturday, February 13, 2010

The popular language for designing a website is HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).The web designer is must be thorough in HTML.The latest version of HTML after debugging and with added advanced features is named DHTML (Dynamic Hpertext Language),which helps us to make website more attractive.Other language,XML (Extensible Markup Language) has more facilities than DHTML.



Metasearch is the search in different search engines at the same time.More than that it gives importance for webpages while searching.So this is also used for searching webpages.For example,when we ask for a search in Meta search,it searches in all the related search engines and brings out the information.



>> Friday, February 12, 2010

When we open a web page of a person or of an organisation,the first page displayed on he screen is the home page.This page is an index of the information included in other pages of the website.Other pages will have more detailed information.



>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Smoking is injurious to health that everybody knows but the main thing is that its very difficult to quit smoking.I have seen many people who smokes very proudly,i don't know why they smokes just for fun,showoff or what.Think about disease i mean what you will get if you smokes nothing except disease like lung cancer,heart disease,and many diseases.Specially for sex i mean smoking is not good for sex this can be very dangerous for your sex life,so think about it.If you want to quit your smoking then i have many tips like:

1.First you think that why you want to smoke for what,for showoff,for depression or for what.Think about it.

2.Think about diseases like lung cancer and many bad diseases.

3.If you like sex then quit smoking because smoking is not good for sex.

4.If you are thinking about smoking then think about your girlfriend or video games.

5.Drink 12 to 14 glass of water to avoid smoking and to clean your body system.

6.Avoid going to cigarette place ,pubs and many places where cigarette can be easily available.

7.Protect your money from cigarettes.

8.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to reduce weight.

9.Think about your future you have two choices hospital and a good life so whats your choice.If you are looking for a good life then avoid smoking.

10.Ask your self that are you doing a good job with cigarettes???

11.Do exercises and yoga.

12.Trust yourself and accept it as a challenge.

13.Take doctor guidance support.

14.And one last important thing,if you are still unable to quit smoking then think that you are a big looserrrrr.



We can also create a website without having a domain registered.These facilities are available in websites,, and there are many websites which provides free websites facilities.The name of the website which provides this facility will be included in our website address.



>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A website may contain a lot of data.A data administrator collects all the data and stores it in a proper way for easy management.A person interested to become a data administrator must larn the softwares that are used in data-base management because its not a easy job to become a data adinistrator,you have to really work hard for data administrator.



>> Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When we use the electronic means of communication,electronic signature makes sure of the authorizaion of the documents.There are three stages of E-signature.First is encryption of the document.This is changing the order of the bits arranged in a document to a totally different order.This converts the document to a form that cannot be read by others.This funtion is named as hash function and the resulting document is called hash result.Next step is sending the hash result via any electronic media.The third step is the changing of the encrypted document to its readable form,using a special software.This is decryption.This process helps in the following:

1.To make sure that no correction is made in the document.

2.The sender can be identified and the sender cannot deny this.


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