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When we use the electronic means of communication,electronic signature makes sure of the authorizaion of the documents.There are three stages of E-signature.First is encryption of the document.This is changing the order of the bits arranged in a document to a totally different order.This converts the document to a form that cannot be read by others.This funtion is named as hash function and the resulting document is called hash result.Next step is sending the hash result via any electronic media.The third step is the changing of the encrypted document to its readable form,using a special software.This is decryption.This process helps in the following:

1.To make sure that no correction is made in the document.

2.The sender can be identified and the sender cannot deny this.


Amelia June 19, 2012 at 7:43 PM  

Nice and informative article. Thanks for posting the whole process that is carried out to sign a document. In this article you have used some technical terms like encryption, hash about which I am not aware.
electronic signature Microsoft

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